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Ketamine for treatment resistant depression. 

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mental health care when you need it.

now accepting new patients!  

How is Paradigm different?

Paradigm Mental Health and Wellness is a mental health clinic located in Medford, Oregon that lowers the barriers to care. Our services include clinical assessment, diagnosis, and psychiatric medication management for individuals aged 18+. 

How it works:



check in with our friendly office staff.
complete our simple one-time intake forms. 

You can TEXT, CALL or WALK-IN to get started. 

Text or call 541.249.7724 or walk-in at 724 S. Central Ave. Suite 101. Medford, OR 97501. 

We will need your photo ID, insurance details, and basic medical history. Each step can be done online or in the office. 


see the provider and receive 

If we are unable to see you when you check in, we can usually see you within one day for psychiatric assessment, diagnosis, and medication management. 

Follow up appointments can be scheduled or walk-in as needed. 

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