mental health care when you need it.

now offering the choice of appointments from 9am-12pm or walk-in availability from 1pm-4pm.

How is Paradigm different?

Unlike the average appointment-based office, Paradigm Mental Health and Wellness is a mental health clinic located in Medford, Oregon that does not require an appointment in advance. We do offer morning appointments if that is your preference. Our services include clinical assessment, diagnosis, and psychiatric medication management for individuals aged 18+. 

How it works:



Walk in or schedule an appointment.
See the provider. 

Come down to our office, located at 724 S. Central Ave. Suite 101 in Medford, Oregon. 

Once there, call or text the provider at 541-249-7724 to inform them of your arrival. 

Meet with the provider, same day - no appointment necessary. 


Receive treatment. 

Get the treatment you need, when you need it- psychiatric assessment, diagnosis, and medication management. Treatment can be as needed, or ongoing to fit your lifestyle.